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We are excited to announce the release of our new “TheQuran.com App” for Android devices, and coming soon for iPhone/iPad. This powerful and sophisticated new app provides the mobile device user with full access to our website, “TheQuran.com.” In addition, we’ve integrated into this app extra features allowing you a more advanced study guide with the capability to further navigate and research exclusive topics with an effortless approach.

Various features include the ability to read verses from the Quran while simply switching back and forth from Arabic to English.  With minimal effort, you can detect which particular verses contain errors, verify all abrogated verses, discover repetitive verses throughout parts of the Quran, and validate hundreds of annulled verses.


Furthermore, we have designed this app to guide you through the entire Quran, sura by sura (chapter by chapter), narrations, and comments.

iPhone version is now available. Search the App store for "Thequran.com"
iPhone App

 Apps comparison and features    
 Features  Free
 Paid version ($1.99)
 For Android  YES  YES This app is now available for the Droid devices
 For IPhone and IPad  NO  YES This app is now available for iPhone/iPad devices
 English and Arabic languages  YES  YES Easily switch between Arabic and English while browsing the app.
 Read the Quran  YES  YES See where we have highlighted specific verses with errors, abrogated verses or verses that have different readings.
 Search the Quran  NO  YES Quick, powerful searching allows you to study the whole Quran, Sura by sura with the ability to examine the Narrations, errors, abrogations, comments and repeated verses.
 Read Articles  NO  YES Attain immediate access to several exclusive articles containing comprehensive, thorough and compelling information. Read about Women, Jihad, how the Quran was compiled and more.
 View Topic  NO  YES View a list of verses from the Quran by topic. Obtain greater insight into Jihad, Punishment, Christians, Jews, Non Muslims, Obeying Mohammad, People of the Book, Takiya, Terrorism, and Women.
 List Abrogated Verses  NO  YES List on one page all the verses of the Quran, which have been abrogated or annulled. Filter this list according to the references of Muslim scholars such as, Al-Nisabouri, Al-Nahas, Al-Suyufi and others.
 List Errors  NO  YES List on one page the errors in the Quran. Sort this list by error type. For instance, ambiguity, historical, scientific, geographical, linguistic, questions, and Quranic contradictions.
 List Repetitions  NO  YES View repetitive verses in the Quran, which are an exact replicate, very similar, or half a verse similar.
 Connect to Facebook  YES  YES Connect your app with Facebook. Post links and comments from the different sections onto your personal Facebook page.
 Connect to Twitter  YES  YES Connect your app account with your Twitter account and simply tweet comments or special verses.
 Registration  YES  YES Free registration gives you the ability to post comments using the app. These comments will be synchronized with thequran.com website when you connect online..
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